Panorama Test

My has the gender finding out tools changed! I was able to get a simple blood test done last week that will tell us the gender of the baby along with any chromosomal issues, its called the Panorama Test. My doctors up here do not offer the test so I went to my old OB office to have it done! We should have the results in a week or so, which has me on pins and needles! While I was there I had to fill out some paperwork, some of which included my previous births and genders. 
I do not have ANY idea or inkling on what this baby is. Every time I have been 125% sure it's a girl and now I am really leaning towards boy. The boys are all rooting for a SISTER so we shall see. My heart is legit torn, I think I have gotten so used to the idea of being a boy mom over the years and since we thought we were done I never explored the mindset of having a girl. BUT we shall see in about 7 days what this little bean is! And for once Jordan is on board with knowing! If you have followed my other births he did not want to know the gender at ALL for the boys so I am excited that he is excited to know as well!

Hope you all had a magical Christmas with your loved ones! 
Heres the only family picture we were able to snag! 

Cannot wait to share the news with you guys!! Prayers for a healthy baby!!! 

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  1. praying for pink!!!!!!!! but most of all a healthy baby whether its a boy or a girl :) But seriously you are so outnumbered ....hahaha I think you deserve a little pink....and someone to share your love of glitter with hahaha!