Slacker. What's in a Name?

I knew I forgot something, I forgot to share week 15 on the blog! Name reveal! :)

Picking out a 5th boy name was a tad hard!
The older boys are all named after Saints and when we do prayers each night we pray to each saint so having this little mans name also be after a saint was uber important! And when I looked up this saint, the feast day of this saint was on his due date! I knew it was fate.
Our older boys names are
Vincent Jeffrey (St Vincent, and middle name after my dad)
Luke Cosmas (St Luke and St Cosmas, I guess we thought he needed two saints)
Jude Edward (St Jude and Edward after his great grandpa)
Samuel Clarence (St Samuel and Clarence after Jordans grandpas side)
and last but not least we will now be adding
Henry Jordan (St Henry and middle name after his daddy and uncle Elliotts middle name)

Thats a whole lot of BOY names isnt it? I am still in shock that we are indeed having another BOY. I guess I am honestly still in shock that I am indeed pregnant. Its a double whammy haha! I have been feeling so great lately that it doesn't feel quite real, waiting for these kicks and punches to start so I know he's really in there!:) Also waiting for that nesting to come in so I can purge this entire house! 

Onesie and newborn set from Jennifer Ann 

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