Week 2 of 52!! 13/14 weeks pregnant with baby BOY #5!

Our first official snow in Northern Ohio was fun to wake up to! 
The boys jaws all dropped! They have kind of forgotten about snow since its been an insanely mild winter! We got hammered the past 2 winters so its nice to have a break from the snow! Now if the snow will stay at bay for my flight to LA in 10 days that would be great!!! Yesterday I vlogged week 2 of 52 for the pregnancy journey! Thank goodness for vlogging because its so much easier than typing it out!! I am still in shock we will have 5 kids ahhhhhhh!!! Enjoy!
Now back to hide under my covers while Sammer naps and the older boys play together!! Its so toasty under two down comforters!!!! Have a great week y'all!

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