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I was asked in May to be a part of our brand new program being launched in July called Country Heat, its a line dancing workout. I laughed because I am NOT a dancer, I have TWO left feet and cannot seem to move the top half of my body with the bottom half, so why in the world would they ever choose me! 😂

I chose to accept because #1, what a freaking honor and #2, I need to push myself outside my normal limits and get uncomfy!

Not only did this require me to dance but it also required ne to follow an actual Meal Plan. I have avoided meal plans for years because I have four kids, I am not a planner and I just thought it would be awful and hard. I honestly didn't do it because I knew I'd fail at it.

So I entered June a tad scared, meal planning and dancing, two of my biggest fears.

I was blown away by both aspects. First I'll show the results and then drop a few fun meals I made during the meal plan.

In 30 days, I lost 13lbs and 13.5 inches. I couldn't believe it. After 4 kids back to back I never thought I'd hit my high school weight again. I gained over 200lbs between all my pregnancies so I was less than healthy all those years. The best part is I've reached the lowest weight in a healthy way, by eating the right stuff and exercising.

My body is completely different, my legs are the most toned they have ever been. I was channeling Carrie Underwood for inspiration. I didn't lift ONE weight y'all, this is ALL line dancing. The other cool part is I broke down the hours I actually spent working out over the 30 days. There are 720 hours in 30 days. I spent ONLY 16.5 doing this program. Not too shabby right??? Its less than 30 minutes a day!!

So here's a few questions I get asked!

Experience needed? None at all!!! This is perfect for all levels of fitness, I've been working out fir 2.5 years and still had results. Its also a great beginner program! Everyone in our test group had killer results regardless of beginner and advanced fitness leading up to this. There is also move breakdowns for every routine that simplify the moves.

How long are the workouts? The workouts are less than 30 minutes. You workout 6 days a week, Sundays are off.

How is the meal plan? Be honest!- guys I loved the meal plan, I didn't realize how off my eating was. This simplified everything for me. I prepped once a week and was set without having to plan anything for the remainder. In my VIP group I'm giving all my top tips to make the meal plan work for busy people.

Do you need Shakeology? - Shakeology is 100% up to you. I have used Shakeology for 2.5 years daily because its one less meal a day I have to think about. When we travel it makes the easiest meal ever as well. My results came directly from the meal plan and Shakeology once a day, its fully up to you.

When does it launch?- the program launches to the public (through a coach) on July 28th.

When does your VIP group start? My VIP group starts August 8th and I will run one every month going forward for new people. This is an accountability group where you get meal plans, recipes, support and have fun laughing at yourself for the 30 days (its ongoing after your first round so you'll always have me)

Can I try before I commit? Yes on Monday July 18th there is a FREE preview day on Beachbody on Demand, where you can try one of the full routines and see how you like it!

How can I sign up? - shoot me an email at for more info!!!

Can I see some meals?- of course, I took pictures of every meal I made during the test group. Here's a few.

More Q&As and also my BIGGEST change of all on my live video here:

If you have any questions please email me, I'd love to help you on your journey 

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