Meatball Bar!

I am a huge lover of hosting parties and having all my friends and family under my roof. It’s the time of year where we have parties and gatherings every weekend, which means needing lots of quick and easy food ideas to simplify my life with 4 kids. While trying to brainstorm how I could possibly simplify these meals but make them fun and exciting, I came across Farm Rich Meatballs (ready in minutes and packed with protein!). Now, I am a huge meatball lover as is, and I had an idea to mix it up with different flavors so each person would have something they liked vs just plopping the Meatballs into BBQ sauce and calling it a day.

I call this the Meatball Bar.
It is perfect for gatherings or just a Meatball Monday meal as we do weekly with our family.

I tossed the Original Meatballs into a crockpot to heat and then had 3 different flavors of sauces for my guests to choose from. I chose to do a marinara, a sweet BBQ and an orange Asian sauce. The other up side of these Meatballs is that they are easy to eat; you don't need to worry about getting your fingers dirty at all. The size of Farm Rich Meatballs is literally the perfect bite size, easy to use a toothpick or fork with.

This quick 2-3 minute prep recipe is a HUGE blessing this holiday season. Your guests will love this personalize-able treat and think you spent hours making those tasty Meatballs!

Farm Rich is also a family favorite because they are a company that embraces the messy real life of moms like me. They simplify meals and make our lives so much easier. They even have a full page dedicated to mom hacks and funny stories, and make you feel at ease knowing that meals do not have to take hours upon hours to prepare!

This holiday season, take the stress away and create your own Meatball Bar for your guests!

Local friends looking for even more meatball ideas, the Farm Rich Meatball Truck Tour is coming THIS WEEK. The Meatball Truck Tour will be visiting local Toledo Walmart Supercenter locations. At each stop, there will be free Meatball samples, recipes ideas and food inspirations to help busy shoppers during the holiday season. The dates for these stops will be 12/7-12/11 and also another visit on 12/14. I know my boys and I will be dropping by to get some free samples of these tasty Meatballs! Find store locations and times by clicking here or by visiting the Meatball Tour tab on their Facebook page (@FarmRichSnacks).

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