Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ultimate Reset Week 1.

Well as most of you know from my IG overload of all things Ultimate Reset related I took on a BIG scary goal of mine, its been a goal of mine for the past almost 3 years to do a 21 Day Cleanse called the Ultimate Reset but I notorious for putting off scary things. I attempted our 3 day cleanse a few times and ALWAYS cheat during it so in how in the heck could I make it 21 days without cheating!?

Well I decided to SUCK IT UP and try it due to some recent health issues that have arose and an upcoming surgery on March 14th. As many of you know, we lost our 5th son last year 20 weeks into pregnancy, I lost a lot of blood, ended up with two blood transfusions and honestly my body never recovered. I looked like I recovered from the outside, but inside I was still a mess. Brain fog, issues sleeping, anxiety, PMS out of control, emotions all over, aches and pains, constipation, cystic acne from hell, low energy ALL DAY LONG, and just feeling like crap every single day. I was experiencing insanely heavy periods and mid cycle spotting which my doctors again and again tried to chalk up to hormones and it being normal but I was satisfied with that answer. If it was normal why did I feel like such a mess? A few tests later and they found a nice culprit inside me, uterine polyps which are caused by a hormone imbalance. A hormone imbalance also causes every single symptom that has been wreaking havoc on my body since we lost Henry a year ago. I was FED up and have had enough of the ups and downs. I wanted to feel GOOD on the inside for once and reclaim my life, so I bit the bullet and jumped into the Ultimate Reset.

In a nutshell the Ultimate Reset is a 21 Day cleanse that brings your body to a natural setting while eliminating the top food trigger items (dairy, meats, sugars, grains) and allows your body to heal from the inside out, when the reset is finished I will have a great base to introduce these foods back in and see if symptoms come back, if they do I will take note and decide if I want to keep that certain food in my life or if I want to cut it out.

So right now lets chat about week 1.

My top hesitations were:
"I never stick to anything, how the heck will I do this?"
"I love bacon, how will I live without meat"
"I hate eating grass (aka salad), how the hell will I eat it daily?"
"I don't like rules or following a structured plan, how will I react!?"
"I doubt these veggies will fill me up, I will probably be starving and HANGRY"
"How the heck will I manage this with 4 kids and a husband eating normal!?"

So #1 hesitation, I never stick to anything. Welp, time to change that negative nancy attitude right now. One major thing I did was I took it ONE WEEK at a time. I didn't skip ahead and look at weeks 2 and 3, I kept my eyes on the prize and only looked at the 7 days ahead and it helped so much!! I was able to keep my goals more simple and it helped me get through the week without any real issues (other than my negative attitude popping in from time to time!) haha

#2. I love meats. You have meats and eggs the first week, I ended up cutting meat after day 2 just to get it over with and had no issues honestly. I just said "you will not eat meat so just get it out of your mind". The first days of no meat were hard but not because I wanted meat, but because I am so used to eating it throughout my days. I had to continue making the boys meals which all included meat, and was fine.

3. I hate salad. I don't think this one will change haha BUT if I want a change in my health it means getting uncomfortable and trying to eat more greens. I can tell you right now, I feel so MUCH BETTER when I am eating salads. SO MUCH BETTER! I would get so negative and think "ugh salad again" and then I would catch myself and think "dude you are so blessed to have a beautiful plate of veggies in front of you, health, nutritious and packed full of goodness, when people across the country do not have safe, healthy food. SUCK IT UP" and that put me in my place. I become more aware of how blessed I am by ANY food.

4. Structure and me are not friends. Well we became BFFs that first week because I had to, you have to have an empty stomach for supplements, so I had to space everything the way it was planned. I set my Fitbit alarms to go off when I should take supplements and when I should eat and it was SO EASY, I am going to keep the alarms going even after this reset because before this I could go hours without eating and it would be midday and I was starving, and if I had just spaced meals right I would have felt better.

5. I will be starving. NOT AT ALL THE CASE. I couldn't even finish most of these meals, it was insane. I was not HANGRY at all. Any time I wanted to snack it was out of sheer boredom. Heres a peek at all 7 days of meals.

TONS of food right!?!?!? I was SHOCKED!

7. How will I do this when I have 4 boys and a husband to cook for. Well this one wasn't bad at all honestly because I knew how crappy I have felt and how BADLY I needed this change so my mind was so set on not feeling awful physically like I have and that kept me straight and narrow. I made them waffles, pizza, chicken, cookies, all sorts of things that usually make me cheat and I kept on track the entire 7 days!

So what happened during week 1 as far as changes mentally and physically.

1. Clearer MIND. Praise the Lord
2. Decreased Anxiety
4. Fatigue GONE
5. Mood seems stable vs hormonal ups and downs.
6. Wake up energized
7. Bloating GONE.
8. Happiest I have been in a LONG TIME!

(all of that in SEVEN DAYS)

Plus this was a bonus. -4lbs and -4.5 inches gone!

All in all week 1 was a success! Here is my week 1 recap video

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