What to Pack for the Hospital (Mom and Baby)

As we prepare to hit the baby hotel aka the hospital for Teddys arrival, I finally got our bag packed! We went into pre-term labor at 36 weeks and all I had at the overnight hospital with me was a toothbrush, so learn from my procrastination skills and pack ahead. Thankfully Teddy didn't come at 36 weeks but the second I got home from the hospital I packed my bag for me and him.

Here's a sneak peek of what I included in mine. My first baby I am almost certain that I walked in with enough stuff for a 1 week stay, so this is my simplified list after 4 babies.

Scroll to bottom for video. Links for products under pictures

For Baby:
2-3 Outfits (they give you a onesie in the hospital so I usually let the baby trash that one and then I bring a few, along with a cute coming home outfit) The Oh Boy outfit can be found here at this boy clothing company USE CODE ALLIEDARR for 10% off and the One Handsome Fella is from Carters.

2-3 Blankets (they also give you one at the hospital which I love for those "hospital pictures" but then I love wrapping them up in cute ones for additional pictures. Hands down a must have is a blanket from Jennifer Ann personalized with their name. I went with Teddy and Theodore to cover all my bases. Jennifer also has a FB group where I snagged a few more items HALF PRICE!

Booties or Socks, my friends swear by these booties because they "stay put" on their teeny feet so I am giving them a whirl since I lose baby socks at a rapid pace. The booties are from Zutano. They snap on so hopefully they hold. I got brighter colors so I don't lose them.

Camera- I bring my more fancy camera for those first moment shots of baby, heres where I come up with ideas for those pictures.  Because when I look back every year on their birthday, these pictures of their tiny features bring me to tears. So capture those moments girlfriend!

Also along with camera....CHARGERS galore, for your camera, phone, computer, whatever you need.

For Mom:

Mom clearly needs a little more haha.

2-3 Nursing Tanks, these are a Godsend my friends, they keep you covered and feeling semi human after birth. And will also be a daily staple the next few months. My favorites come in a 3 pack of different colors and can be found here (amazon prime for the win!)

Toiletry Bag- Pack whatever you would need for a weekend away, toothbrush, hair stuff, make up, chapstick, face wash....all the stuff you need to put yourself together. I cant tell you how good showering and putting a little make up on feels the day after birth. 

SNACKS- I might be a rule breaker during labor and sneak snacks, but these are also awesome for late night feedings or late nights when you just stare at your baby. I pack protein bars and also Shakeology to give me a boost when I am feeling depleted. 

Nursing Bras- I am borderline obsessed with these bras in the picture. They are comfortable and easy access. They are "sleep bras" which I wear all day, because they are awesome! They were both less than $10 on amazon, I just buy the colors that are cheapest! Heres the black one and the $6 grey one.

Underwear that you can toss if need be. Since your body is leaking all sorts of wonderful stuff and you're wearing big pads, grab a pack of undies a size or two up. I grabbed some on amazon as well. Can you tell I don't like leaving my house for things haha.  

Postpartum Leggings- from BLANQI! GUYS these are actually my #1 pregnancy must have. I was nervous buying them because they are pricier, so when I first bought them they had the Postpartum leggings on sale, so I grabbed those for after baby. Well I put them on around 20 weeks pregnant and never took them off, they are FREAKING AMAZING. I now own 3 pairs lol, one of which is now in my hospital bag. They pull up high to right under your breasts and are SO COMFY, there is no digging into your skin, just pure heaven. You can get yours here and save 20% off! 

Sleep shirt that buttons up- These are so handy for being comfy and also feeling semi covered in the hospital. I grabbed one at TJ Maxx and got a size up, because nothing is worse than tight clothing after a baby, so size up and get comfy. Its easy nursing access as well and comfier than those hospital gowns. 

Going Home Top- This nursing sweatshirt is THE BOMB! I love that it doesn't look like a nursing shirt at all and is still stylish. Ive noticed a lot of shops coming out with identical ones to this grey one, but I got mine from Seraphine Maternity 

Lastly, cozy socks are a must!

Heres a video on all the items as well <3 nbsp="" p="">

Not picture are Car Seat and also since its December my favorite car seat over to keep them toasty!

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