2B Mindset Offical Test Group- Postpartum Journey

I figured I needed to type everything out from my journey alongside creator Ilana Muhlstein for our first nutrition program, 2B Mindset. I had the honor of being in the official test group and doing the program months before it launched. What transpired from learning from Ilana and changing my mindset has been a life changer.

I started the test group when I was 6 weeks postpartum from baby #5 and let me just say its the best postpartum journey I have ever had. One that didn't involve me hating myself and the scale. One that didnt involve me looking in the mirror and ripping myself to shreds, one that didnt involve the negative self talk that always crept in from sleepless nights, trying to get dressed in clothes. This was the FIRST time I have ENJOYED my postpartum journey and these stages of my sons life that go way too quick. Thinking back to how much energy and time I spent negative my past 4 postpartum rounds makes me sad, but we always have the choice to do better and be better and I am forever grateful this came into my life when it did.

But First: What is 2B Mindset?
Nutrition First program, exercise is "extra credit"
Laid back, flexible lifestyle approach.
YOU CHOOSE the foods you eat
NO restrictions, NO cutting out food groups
NO counting, NO points.

SO back to 6 weeks postpartum and starting. I had dropped the first 15lbs postpartum pretty easily, but I was battling the scale creeping UP instead of DOWN, which was annoying since I had 20lbs to go. I wasnt really looking forward to doing workouts and workouts are OPTIONAL with 2B Mindset so that in itself took so much pressure off of me.

The next thing I was a tad nervous about was I was breastfeeding and did not want to mess with my supply. I was already supplementing my supply with fenugreek, oatmeal, and all these random bars and shakes that were supposed to boost my supply so I was terrified to lose any milk since my son was so young. 

I had a hard time initially rewiring my mind around the concept of 2B, I felt a tad out of control because I was used to counting calories and portions, and always had the "you need 500 extra calories for breastfeeding" so changing that mindset took a few weeks as I allowed my body to be in charge and followed Ilana's tips and leaned into this new lifestyle. What I found was INSANE.

I didn't need supplements for my milk supply, I didn't need 500 extra calories or to even WORRY ABOUT calories, I didnt need to exercise like I had thought to remove the stubborn weight. My milk supply boosted, the scale steadily moved and inches melted off! I was in LOVE with my new postpartum body and even more in love with everything around me. For once I could focus on being HAPPY in all aspects because the regular postpartum struggle wasn't clouding my days.

In less than 2 months I had lost 11lbs and 10.5 inches from the 2B Mindset all while breastfeeding. The worry of working out constantly wasnt weighing on me which was HUGE. My clothes fit better, I wasnt hiding in pictures, and my confidence skyrocketed!

And check the growth this stud muffin made:

For breastfeeding mamas: 
DRINK MORE WATER!!! I aim for my weight in ounces daily!
Your weight fluctuates every morning from milk, so dont get discouraged.
GRACE, give yourself lots of grace through the weeks and dont stress. 
Allow your body to adjust and tweak your meals along the way.

What I also gained and most importantly:
Control over my binge eating.
Not feeling bad for having treats.
Not "trashing the day or week" if I fell off track
Not being stressed about food for ONCE IN MY LIFE.
2 vacations without weight gain (HUGE VICTORY)
HAPPINESS and JOY through my days because I FEEL AMAZING
FREEDOM from not counting calories or foods
FREEDOM from NO restrictions

So you have 5 kids, how do you make 2B work for your family? 
It all starts with us, so the first few weeks I focused solely on me and finding what foods tasted best and what meals were easiest to make then I started including everyone. The boys are loving zucchini noodles and the different flavors. Its funny to see kids and what they like. My one son only likes broccoli roasted with salt, while the others like it raw. Which zucchini my one son LOVES it as noodles but weirdly not when I slice and saute, so its fun to see which resonates with each kid, and for dinners I focus one night on a meal each of them likes, and then the other nights might not be "their fave" but they have to finish haha. These are things I wish my parents had done with me because I boycotted ALL veggies until a few years ago when I realized how bad of shape my insides were in from not eating healthy. I always tell my kids "I will never feed you something that is bad tasting" so I try to make everything fun and enjoyable. If I wont eat it, I cant expect them to haha so flavor those meals fun y'all! 

My kids now ask for veggies, it wasnt always this way, so give it time and embrace it. Soon their tastes will also change just like yours! 

Heres a peek at my meals!


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  1. Ahhh! I love everything about this! I discovered you on Pinterest trying to search from some 2B Mindset "approved" recipes! You seem to have nailed it in that department! I'd LOVE to see your recipes! You rock!