Family Movie Night 80's-90's List

Every friday night we have been having a family movie night with the boys and let's face it, there is only so many cartoon movies my mom heart can take so we decided to start introducing our boys to the classics from our childhood in the 80's and 90's and we compiled an amazing list with the help of our friends.
Heres the list:
*I cannot vouch that all are perfect language, we've had a few with some colorful words*

Richie Rich
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
The Sandlot
Little Giants
Cool Runnings
Harry and the Hendersons 
National Treasure
Home Alone 1&2 
Little Rascals
Dunsten Checks In 
The Goonies
Parent Trap
My Girl
It Takes 2
Free Willy
Mighty Ducks 
Angels in the Outfield
Rookie of the Year 
Milo and Otis
Space Jam 
Blank Check
The Flinstones
Homeward Bound 
Man of the House
Jungle 2 Jungle
Santa Clause 
Mrs Doubtfire
3 Ninjas 
Mouse Hunt
Dennis the Menance
Problem Child
The Princess Bride
Big Green
The Great Outdoors

Let me know any that we missed!

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