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I must say never in a MILLION, billion, TRILLION years before I got pregnant did I ever think "natural birth" would be the way for me! I mean who in their right mind wants to push a baby out of that tiny opening with no drugs!? Are you crazy!? When I think something painful I absolutely cringe! But something changed when I started to plan for Vincent's birth, and something in me decided that I wanted to have him completely natural and thankfully everything panned out perfect and I got my wish. All 4 births have been different but all were amazing, minus the pain, duh!

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My personal tips for a successful Natural Birth
These are what I found helpful to prepare. Regardless of what route you go the end result of childbirth is all the same...a beautiful new life is brought into this world by you! How amazing is that? I love chidbirth....okay thats a lie...I love the END result of childbirth haha! Anyways here it goes...

1. READ EVERYTHING that you possibly can about natural childbirth.
I highly recommend Natural Childbirth- The Bradley Way and I did not read but have heard Ina May's Guide to Childbirth is excellent as well. ALSO a must watch is "The Business of Being Born"! I would suggest that even if I wasn't going natural. It is so informative. If you have Netflix, you can watch it online for free!

2. DOCTOR- Make sure ahead of time that your doctor/midwife supports natural birth, the last thing you need is your doctor and the nurses coming in telling you to get an epidural since your in is GOING to hurt obvisouly but having them tempt you is not cool or fair for your goal. I had the best midwives who supported me, the doctor on call tried actually ordered an epidural to my room, she claimed "She does not know what she is doing (since it was my first), she will want an epidural" When I heard that claim she enraged me EVEN more to do it naturally. It was so worth it! PS that doctor was a lady, that made me even more mad, wheres the faith in fellow women??? lol

3. DOULA-/CLASSES I went with a doula over taking classes. (your choice) If you do not know what a doula is, it is a birth coach essentially. She came over and talked with us, kind of like a class, then she came the day of the birth to assist and coached us through it. This was so helpful with my first birth, she was amazing. If you think doula's are a bit pricey you can find a doula in training because they need to assist with a few births before they can be certified, that is what we did, I can not explain how helpful she was! She was busy the day of my second birth :( But Jordan had learned a lot of tips for her so he took over! haha But they know it ALL and have seen it ALL! So I highly recommend it!

4. BE MENTALLY PREPARED- HAHA As if you could ever be mentally prepared for it. I mean have your head in the game when you go into labor. I honestly had envisioned the worlds moist excrusiating pain the weeks before the birth and when the pain I experienced was not as intense it helped me put into perspective that I COULD DO IT naturally. (I am not saying that it does not hurt but I envisioned it as something way worse) Also I think it helps it you totally block out any pain medicines as an option from your mind, that is also another way I coped. I just told myself that there was no other option (I mean I knew there was, I'm not silly), it just helped me being in that state of mind!

5. PUT YOUR GAME FACE ON! haha Childbirth is not flattering, it is down right some crazy work! Just go with it, if you poop on the table, so be it! (Yes, I said poop on the table haha) Those things happen along with an array of other gross stuff, and things may not work out as perfectly as you had in your birth plan, but I can tell you that the minute you hold your baby any pain or drama during labor that you felt will be non existent! Every ounce of pain along the journey is well worth it!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS EMAIL ME! I had so many questions about birth the first time around, I asked every single PERSON I knew questions about childbirth! haha So shoot me an email!

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