Oh marriage and kids, as if one wasn't tricky, why not toss them all together. Here's our cliff notes version of our love story thus far.

Jordan and I met in 2008, by chance when I was working at Express, I had basically closed the chapter on relationships because I spent my entire life being defined by who I was dating and molding into what that partner wanted me to be (things you realize down the road) and in walked Jordan. He was roommates with my boss and I knew when I saw him we had to meet, we didn't waste any time, set up our first date, moved in together in a month, got engaged, and pregnant with our first son Vincent. We got married when Vincent was 4 months old, and no joke started the mad journey of chaos. Since then we have relocated to brand new cities a few times, added 3 more kids, 2 pregnancy losses and tons of ups and downs navigating it all. We are 8 years into this game of marriage and STILL learning new things every single day. Some days we avoid eachother and some days we want to be together all the time, but no matter what, we love eachother, have a deep understanding that there are ebbs and flows and never to read to deeply into our off days. I honestly believe marriage and motherhood are so alike in a sense that we would do ANYTHING for that human being and go above and beyond the call of duty, but some days the reality isn't all rainbow, butterflies and unicorns and that is OKAY, because what we focus on manifests, so focus on the good, apologize and forgive quickly, have empathy and love your husband with all your heart.

I will share our marriage posts below so you have easy access.